The Philadelphia Fusion vs. The Washington Justice

Battle of Brotherly Love

Game 1 on Nepal (Control Map)

Round 1: The Fusion started out with Carpe, their carry DPS player, on Symmetra as a faster way to attack and capture the objective in Village. Inasmuch as he could help his team get to the middle faster and set up turrets, together with Lucio’s speed boost accelerating their movement, the Washington Justice firmly took control of the point as Corey’s Reaper and Stratus on Doomfist destroy Fusion’s defense, Carpe was forced to switch to a more dependable hero, McCree, in order to put Justice’s damage dealers in check. The Fusion’s team composition was built with double shields having Reinhardt and Orisa as their tanks and Lucio and Baptiste for massive AOE (area of effect) healing for sustainability versus the Justice’s more goats-esque brawly team with Reinhardt, D.Va as their tanks, then Lucio and Moira on support. The Fusion established control of point around Justice’s 50% completion when Carpe and Sado took out the core team on point seemingly handling their ultimate management saving them for more dire times. Relying on Reaper’s attempting to execute a juicy death blossom, Corey almost cost Washington the round, but they regained control thanks to Stratus and Corey, successfully taking out Fusion’s key players Carpe and Fudo and continuing to shutdown their support to secure the first round.

The Philadelphia Fusion’s starting six players, left to right, Damage, Tank, and Support. 

Round 2: On Shrine, Nepal’s slightly more enclosed point and outdoor map, the Fusion started with the McCree and Mei again but are taken out one by one by the Washington Justice as their DPS were better positioned and healers had better healing output from Aimgod’s Ana, who gained her Nanoboost 3 times quicker than Fusion’s Ana who was only at 32%. After taking control, Nanoed Ellievote cleaned up half the Fusion’s team, charging D.Va’s ultimate self-destruct to full, ready for the next team fight. Ivy, walling off the left side entrance to the point, enabled a massive take out of the Justice in throwing down a Blizzard slowing down the trapped tanks and DPS. Fusion obtained the objective with 3 ultimates on board: Deadeye, Earthshatter, and Self-Destruct (commonly referred to as D.Va bomb.) Despite those ultimates being used in defense to Justice’s push, lost the point then shutdown McCree mid-Deadeye and Bomb picking off Sado’s Reinhardt. Meanwhile Ivy’s had already recharged her Blizzard, frozen and taken out Justice’s main tank Roar and Poko responding to Ellievote with his own D.Va Bomb giving way for Fusion to quickly retake the objective. Fusion extended out and successfully defended their control.

Round 3: The final round. On to Sanctum, the more dangerous map in Nepal, the only one with the objective inside with sheer cliffs on its side. Electing to continue forth with the Mei and McCree, Fusion roared on out with Lucio’s speed boost and double shields. The Washington Justice were quickly taken out cornered in a bad position and Philadelphia gained initial objective control. Fusion takes their fights to the chokes (more restraining areas teams must funnel through to reach the objective,) the sides off the point, where they can defend easier and Justice’s ranged damages can’t break their shields, midst allowing their Baptist full potential with his AOE healing. Up to 99% objective, defending the Fusion with Supercharger placed for extra damage boost, Justice leaped on, capturing point picking off key players Poko, Carpe and FunnyAstro as they were scattered and isolated by Stratus’s wall and Blizzard. Justice with Bomb, Nanoboost, Sound Barrier, and Deadeye ready move in to defend the left corner choke. Regrouped, the Fusion returned with Carpe’s Deadeye taking out Roar. While trading kills back and forth in a kind of stalemate, Ellievote launched his D.Va bomb over the Fusion, Poko, unable to escape, is destroyed. The Fusion are forced to group up once again. Cautious to commit their resources and lose their first game, the Justice stayed on high ground with Stratus waiting for the right moment to use his next Blizzard. Believing the timing was optimal, Stratus executed Blizzard and walled off the side only to trap Sado. Stratus confirmed Sado’s death with the help of Ark and Aimgod’s bionade, yet on the point Carpe targeted and removed from the game Corey’s McCree and Ark. Philadelphia retook the point putting the game into overtime. With Stratus taking out core DPS Carpe, Roar, nanoboosted, came back swinging, finishing off Fusion’s support, the objective’s control teeter-tottered back to Washington. Washington 91% – 99% Fusion, in desperation, Carpe breaks out the Widowmaker. No ultimates ready for either team, Poko being closest to a Supercharger. Alarm’s Baptiste was also switched out for Ana.

Carpe, aiming down sights, shooting Ark’s head midair.


Successfully self-defending against an assassination by rival Corey and given enough space by his team, Carpe broke down the Justice, finding and sniping enemy Mei and removing Lucio mid air! Ellievote, knowing Carpe is their key to victory, flew in his face. Carpe swiftly grapple hooks to his left side of the map, with a new angle, clicked Ellievote launching out of her mech’s after she self destructed, all while Alarm, now on Moira, and Sado kept guard on point. Ivy and Sado cleaned up the remaining Roar and Corey and the Washington Justice were toppled. Fusion secured the Sanctum and a clutch win in Nepal!

Written by Trevor Hicken


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